G   Golden Heart - Mark Knopfler

1.)   She was swinging by the bangles in a main street store
A while before we met
The most a dangerous angels that you ever saw
She spied her amulet

And she took a loop leather for around her neck
And that was then the start
The most a dangerous lady on her quarter deck she
found your golden heart, Yeah, found your golden heart

2.)   Then we swirled around each other and the thread was spun
to some Arcadian band
I would stop it from swinging like a pendulum just to
Hold time in my hand

And you shot me with a cannonball of history
Long forgotten art
I'd be turning it over as our words ran free
Hold your golden heart, hold your golden heart

Nothing in the world prepared me for your heart, your heart
Nothing in the world that I love more your heart, your heart
Your golden heart, your golden heart, golden heart x 4 (solo) …

3.)   And every time I'm thinking of you, from a distant shore
And all the time I sleep
I will have a reminder that my baby wore, a part of you to keep

And I'll send you all my promises across the sea, & while we are apart
I will carry the wonder that you gave to me I'll
Wear your golden heart I'll, wear your golden heart